Reversi Pro

Reversi Pro is an implementation of the classic board game Reversi or Othello, for Windows Phone.

The game is fun, can be played in a few minutes, is easy to learn, but is difficult to master. Playing against the phone can be quite challenging, I dare you to beat it in the highest 2 levels (I have never been able to beat it in Grand Master or higher levels!).

There is a Free and a Paid version. The features are the same, but as long as you see the ads, the Free version is identical.

Read more details about what it took to develop it in the blog postings in the main page.

Reversi Pro has some cool features:

  • Multiple play modes: Play vs a friend or play vs the Phone
  • Unlimited undo: go back and change or fix a bad move
  • Online high scores: see the high scores for each of the 8 levels, and share your score, name and country.
  • 8 levels of difficulty: novice (very easy, slow animation to teach how the game works) up to super hard Grok (hard AI)
  • Unlockable high resolution graphic themes: there are 6 graphic themes that you can use, complete themes (not only ‘change the color’). The first 2 are ready to be used, the last 3 are unlocked with some achievements, and the last one only available when competing vs the super hard Grok level.
  • Very fast play: in levels 1-6 play is very fast, though in levels 7 and 8  it takes up to 15 seconds to play.
  • Strong computer opponent at higher levels: the AI at levels 6 and 7 uses multiple board scoring strategies, varying during the game, to make it for very challenging games. Level 8 uses advanced opening book, and precalculated heuristic edge scoring to improve the AI.
  • No game is identical: the phone changes strategies every game through random choices when appropriate
  • Many options: enable/disable sound, show/hide board piece movement, show/hide previous move, show/hide tutorials, show/hide possible locations to move pieces (‘hints’).
  • Saves your game any time, even if you switch to another app, or end the game. Now you can ‘resume’.

Enjoy the game!


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