Naval War for Windows Phone

Naval War

An implementation of the classic naval war game, where you have to sink enemy ships before your are sunk by the enemy. This version has features not found anywhere else, including multiple AI levels, unlockable superweapons, multiple modes of play, leveling, night weapons, and exciting sounds and graphics!.

Some notable features:

  • Online scores: compare your results vs people from all over the world.
  • Multiple play modes: including traditional, multi-shot (shoot as many times as you have ships floating), and super weapons!
  • Fast or slow move.
  • High-res graphic theme. High resolution graphics, from moving radar to night planes.
  • Three AI levels: from simple to very hard that will give you battle!
  • Achievements: Many achievements, like sinking a boat in a single shot, or finding the hidden Valkirie super weapon.
  • Stereo Sound: listen to the game using headphones, it is amazing.
  • Super Weapons: an advanced play mode where you unlock weapons and shoot the oponent in different ways. Some superweapons include helicopters, other are mines, others are super shields.

Enjoy the game!

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