Logos Quiz

This is a game where you have to guess the name of hundreds of logos or brands images. You have some hints to help you guess the names.

We see logos every day in TV, in the street and in the products we use, but don’t really notice them.

Can you solve all the logos and become a Logo Master?

Hundreds of beautiful high resolution logos and images, partially obscured to make the game more challenging!

Thousands of hints available to help you guess the logos. Hints have interesting information, like the real name of fictional characters, or what is the history and origins of the logo.

The PAID VERSION has no ads.

Enjoy the game, read all the cool hints, and keep the feedback coming!


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  1. beverley watson

    I came across this game through the app store on my ASUS notebook. It is amazing how many logo’s and names that are know world wide, I live in Australia and we have at least 70% of these products. I would like to congratulate you on a great game. I love it and I now have another person at work hooked on it too !. Beverley Watson, NSW, Australia.

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