Laser Link

Laser Link is a puzzle game where you have to figure move laser bases so that all energy pods are ‘energized’ and the puzzle is solved.

The game is very easy to learn, has 99 levels, as well as unlimited user-created levels, making this game ideal to play when you have short breaks of free time.

There is a Free and a Paid version. The features are the same, and the Free has ads.

Cool features:

  • Worldwide high scores: compare your results (and time) vs people from all over the world
  • Multiple graphics: Choose the type of graphics and background.
  • Create your own levels: Create your own levels and share them with everyone in the world.
  • 99 different levels that range from easy tutorials to crazy mindbending puzzles.
  • Background music and stereo sound effects: cool music that can be turned on or off
  • Timed play: See who can solve each level faster!.

Enjoy the game!

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