BoxIt is an Asian-themed classic version of ‘Dots and Boxes’ game for Windows Phone 7. It has very strong AI, and beautiful music and graphics.

The game is simple: form boxes while drawing lines. There are lots of complexities that you need to master to be able to play well. Enjoy!.

Some of the key features:

  • Multiple play modes: Play vs a friend or play vs the Phone.
  • 5 sizes and undo: including Tiny (2×3), Classic (5×5) and Huge (7×8), and have unlimited Undo.
  • Asian graphic theme: High resolution Asian theme, with music and graphics from the Far East!.
  • Online high scores: Compare your score vs people from all over the world
  • Several levels of difficulty: from novice to advanced. The advance model uses a very sophisticated AI capable of beating ANY iPhone or Windows Phone dots game. It will give you a good challenge!
  • No game is identical: the phone changes strategies every game through random choices when appropriate


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