Backgammon for Windows and Windows Phone

Backgammon Pro is an advanced implementation of the classic board game Backgammon, for Windows and Windows Phone.

The game has the features you’d expect, like multiple play modes, fast or slow dice, and also has advance capabilities, like Crawford rule, Beavers, full Money play, advanced doubling AI, and more than 30 options!.

Backgammon Pro features:

  • Multiple play modes: Play vs a friend or play vs the Phone.
  • Money or Match play: Play single games, or matches (up to 25 points).
  • Undo: Undo your last move before the opponent throws the dice.
  • Statistical analysis to find out if the number of doubles, or the block percentage in the bar is higher or lower for the phone.
  • Speed-up options: auto-throw dice, auto-pass, auto-move. All of these help the game be much faster.
  • ELO scoring: Calculate your score based on the international statistically valid ELO formula
  • Online high scores: compare your score vs people from all over the world
  • Several levels of difficulty: from novice to advanced. The advance model uses an advance trained neural network to play.
  • Fast play: game plays very quickly, even in advanced levels
  • Graphic Themes: three different high resolution graphic themes
  • Play variants: play backgammon, nackgammon (more strategic variant) or hypergammon (fast variant, 3 pieces).
  • Achievements: tens of different achievements that require wit and luck to get
  • Cube doubling: cube doubling.
  • Sound: moves and dice have realistic sounds (can be disabled).
  • Saves your game any time, even if you switch to another app, or end the game, and can resume the game.

The Paid version has no Ads.

Enjoy the game!

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  1. Tony

    Great game, except for one small flaw. If you have a move, according to the rules, you “MUST” take it. If you roll a pair of numbers you “MUST”, if you are able to, you “MUST” use both of the numbers that are rolled. If you are able to use both numbers, even though it is going to open you up and put you in jeopardy, you can not choose another that allows you to use one number of the pair and not the other and accept it as a “Partial Pass”… I enjoy playing the Game. It is a fine challenge and I have played for countless hours, but the one thing that I don’t care for is the exception to the rule that I have stated above… It is really most disconcerting when you end up loosing a critical game/match because the “PC” has been programed not to follow the rules… Please fix the issue…Thanks and Thank you for the many challenging games.

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