Reversi Pro 2.0 is here!

This is an exciting day, finally Reversi Pro 2.0 made it to the marketplace.
There are very significant changes in this new version:

  • Worldwide online high scores – compare your score to scores from players all over the world. Set up your name and country to let people know where you are from. Sort by level to see how good are others at your level.
  • High resolution unlockable graphic themes — this is not ‘changing the color or background’ of the board, but rather implementing full new high resolution graphic themes for the game, that are unlocked as you achieve some goals. You start with 2 themes, and add more. Which one is your favorite?
  • ‘Always-save’ and resume play –game automatically saved when you exit, and then you can come back and resume play anytime. No worries.
  • Improved undo — undo is now available when coming back from resume.
  • Stronger and faster phone intelligence — and even harder intelligence for the higher difficulty levels.
  • Overall improved graphics — New intro screen, new graphic layout and background, new buttons, new new new….
  • Get on the Windows Store

    Try it out!.


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