Advanced board games

Welcome to our Pro Board Games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

We try to create very high quality, challenging games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Our games include a wide range of games, including:

  • The most advanced Backgammon of any mobile platform!, with achievements and more than 30 options
  • The most beautiful Naval War game of any mobile platform!, play with it using headphones to enjoy the stereo sound
  • The hardest Reversi of any mobile platform!, Level 8, aka ‘Grok’ has been beaten only 200 times out of 22,000 games
  • The hardest Checkers game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone (and it beats pretty much all the existing iPhone Checker games)
  • The most completeSpider Solitaire game for Windows 8
  • The hardest Dots and Boxes of any similar Windows 8, Windows or iPhone game
  • The best looking Solitaire in Windows 8
  • The most complete turn-on-light puzzle of Windows Phone or iPhone, Laser Link
  • and some cool games for toddlers



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    • Roby, nella nuova versione un pareggio o una cravatta vale meno, e una vittoria vale di più. Ciò è dovuto a un’analisi più statistica che abbiamo fatto di scoprire che una vittoria è 5 volte più difficile che un pareggio o una cravatta. Abbiamo aggiornato la ultimi post del blog per riflettere questa modifica.

  1. j.

    I would like to know why my name has been changed. It was “roby is a quitter” because, well, roby is willing to play someone until he realizes he’s going to lose and then quits. Ergo, roby is a quitter and I’d like for everyone else to realize that before entering a game against him.

    • Hi, when I get complaints of user names, the central database puts the names in a special list and replaces the names with a generic name (you cannot guess all the nasty username people set up!). I’ve manually unblocked your name; you have to open the game again, wait up to a minute, and it should have your name back in the system. Just let’s try to keep it friendly.

  2. Bug for naval war free. Whenever I unlock Valkyrie, the other achievements are not counted. I should get “Sunk!” (used Expansion and destroyed 4 box on
    1st shot) and “Assasin” (used Valkyrie as my last shot to win the game). Also, after unlocking Valkyrie, I accidentally pressed back in the choose Super Weapons screen the Valkyrie is gone.

    • Hi, thanks for reporting these two bugs. They are already fixed, and should come in update v1.9 (in ~2-3 weeks).

      Once you get Valkyrie, it can only be used in one game, but it is true that if you press back then the weapon is lost (until you get it again)… I’ll try to fix that too, so it only ‘disappears’ after the game starts, good point.


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