Purchased the game but still getting ads? or did not get the item purchased?

If you have purchased one of our games, or purchased some item in the game and do not see the item, please read the post below, that has a section for our games in Windows Phone and a section for our games in Windows Store (Windows 8).


Windows Phone frequently requires two completely separate versions of every game or app: one paid, and one free.
If you were using the free version and purchase the paid version, you will have TWO versions of the game in your phone. Look for the game in the game hub, or in the case of apps (like PhoneMark and Toddler Flashcards) look for the app in the app list. You will see two versions, the paid and the free (the paid typically has the name ‘Pro’ or the ‘+’ symbol). Make sure you are using the paid version and not the free. if you don’t find it, go to the Windows Phone Store and repurchase the app or game, you will be charged $0.


The games in Windows Store allow you to purchase items inside the game, for example you can purchase ‘Premium version’ or purchase more hints. Logos Quiz+ on Windows Store sells 4 items: – 50, 200 and 500 hints: these consumable items are lost if the game is uninstalled, and have to be repurchased to get additional hints. Make sure you purchase the items and RETURN to the game, so the game adds the hints.
– Unlimited Hints: Purchasing Unlimited hints is valid forever, so go ahead and repurchase unlimited hints, and the game will charge you $0 as it knows you already have this item.
– All our other games for Windows Store have only one item, the ‘Premium Version’. Once you purchase this, you own it forever. So, if you already purchased Premium Version, and still see ads, please purchase it again. The game will detect that you already had purchased it, and will charge you $0.

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