New Reversi 2.5, one year anniversary edition

It’s been almost a year since publishing the first pro app: Reversi. So in the next few days you should be able to see the new version 2.5, with tons of changes, to provide an even more fun playing experience. The main changes are:

Super hard level 8: “Grok”. This is a new level where you have the opportunity to fight Grok, the viking undead Reversi expert. He has played for 800 years, so will give you a good fight.

Updated graphics: most of the game has nicer, more refined, better looking graphics.

More options: There are tutorials to help beginners, a new option to show (or hide) the last move played and a new option to auto-pass (do not show the “Player X has passed” popup message). Also, all the options and settings have been moved to a single screen.

And many other small changes: Tested on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, new startup screen, updates to all the app to make it run faster, a more intelligent system to show ads, and other small changes.

Enjoy the game!
Development team


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