How do I install a game on Windows Store (Windows 8)?

We frequently get questions about how to install our apps on Windows 8. Here is a detailed guide on installing and running our games (and any other game) in Windows:

1) Install Windows 8 or have a computer/laptop/tablet with Windows 8

2) Log in with your Microsoft Account (formerly LiveID)

3) Go to the Windows Store (touch the ‘Windows’ key to see the list of tiles, and go to the icon that has a bag with the name ‘Store’). See images of the store here:

4) In the store look for the game, type the Windows key + F, and then Enter, to find for the game. For example “Windows Key+F”, type “Spider Solitaire”, then Enter.

5) Select the game you want to install

6) Select the button “INSTALL”

7) After it installs, the icon appears in your main screen (type the Windows key). If it is not appearing, then try to find the app in case it is installed: Windows Key + F, look for the app name.

If you have problems with purchasing apps, or have any other issues with the Store, please contact Microsoft:

Hope this helps!
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