ecobee remote app for Windows Phone

Full support for Smart Si and EMS thermostats

This month we released a new app to control the ecobee thermostats. It is a fairly sophisticated app that provides a lot of control for your thermostat, so you can change all the key settings anywhere you are, in a few seconds.

It is, by far, the most complete remote control for your ecobee thermostat. Key features:


• SECURE: Communicates using trusted, secure, two-way PIN
• DISPLAY: View temperature and humidity
• EQUIPMENT: See what is running (heater, humidifier, …), near real time
• HOLDS: Set and remove temperature holds
• SETTINGS: Set auto/cool/heat/off, humidifier, fan on/off, hold duration, display modes, display brightness, and Celsius or Fahrenheit
• VACATIONS: View, create or delete vacations (only 1 supported now)
• WEEKLY SCHEDULE: view or change program schedule
• PROGRAMS: Modify up to 6 programs (sleep, awake, etc.)
• ALERTS: View equipment alerts, for example that a filter needs changing
• MULTI-DEVICE: Supports multiple thermostats
• OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE: also displays outside sensor temperature, humidity and weather
• EXPERT FEATURES: turn off thermostat backlight, see weather technical details, and many other features
• TRANSPARENT TILE: though also available with the classic green tile

This app is not associated with, or belongs to ecobee, Inc.

This app requires a Smart Si, Smart or EMS ecobee brand thermostat. Go to for more information.

Download it from the Windows Store:



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