Clear List – the best to-do and shopping list for Windows Phone

About a year ago we released CLEAR LIST, a beautiful to-do list app for Windows Phone. It has been more successful than we thought, so we wanted to share with you all the capabilities that make it a very simple, easy to use, but powerful list manager for Windows Phone:

The app offers the ability to manage unlimited lists, each with tasks. You can mark the tasks as completed, or move them around. It has live tiles, backup, and many other more sophisticated features.

It is the most SIMPLE and BEAUTIFUL way to manage lists of activities or items. Track things you have to do every day, things you want to do, movies to see, and even share lists between phones!

Other to-do list apps are too complicated, do you really ever use them ?



– Manage lists, each with multiple tasks
– Easy to use: add, remove, delete or complete tasks or lists
– Beautiful: with many colors options to personalize your lists
– Add items by touching the screen
– Reorder items by holding and dragging items – easy!
– Unlimited Undo for changes done in that session


– Live Tile: shows pending tasks [paid]
– Transparent live tile
– Save to cloud: backup or share lists with other phone (using same name and password)
– Mark and unmark as complete by swiping the item to the right
– Export your data
– Delete and undelete by swiping the item to the left
– Personalize: 20 different colors sets, including special halloween, christmas, and Valentine’s
– Change text size
Features available in the paid version:
– Set list or task reminders – never forget an event!
– Live Tile for each list, including Wide live tile and 3 different tile designs
– Four holiday themes
– Restore your backup from the cloud
– Stores unlimited tasks (Free version stores 14 in 14 lists)
– Change the color of each list individually
– Live tiles that link directly to each list
– Move lists up and down by holding and dragging
– Order lists alphabetically
– Auto order completed tasks

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