Checkers Pro 3.6 – bug fixes, see best online players

Checkers Pro 3.6 is now published. After version 3.5 that had major engine improvements (much faster, fast app switching, etc.), now version 3.6 brings some minor bug fixes and a new feature to see which players complete higher percentage of the games when playing online games.

This is important to see which player drops out of many games, or which ones continue to play until the end.

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    • Hi, I would also like to add flying kings as a future option, though the challenge is that a large percentage of the game code would have to change: the display code, the code to check possible moves, the code to check jumps, the code to evaluate board value, the code to check for possible moves, the code to act after a user presses a button, etc.. These huge amount of changes might break some part of the highly tuned code, which is a high risk as there are already more than 80,000 players using the game now.
      Dev team

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