• Checkers Pro 1.3 now available!

    Important changes coming in this new version (1.3) of Checkers Pro for Windows and Windows Phone. This version should show up in a couple of days in the marketplace. Key improvements: Added option to not force jumps. These are not the official rules, but enough people have said they wanted this option, that I added […]

  • Checkers Pro v1.2 now available!

    Creating a Checkers (Draughts) game is difficult, as it has to have very solid AI, and take into consideration many exceptions, special cases, phases of the game (initial, mid, end-game), player color, and many other variations. I continue on my quest to make the best (or one of the best) Windows Phone 7 Checker apps. […]

  • Reversi Pro v1.5 is released

    Reversi Pro is quite a polished game, very strong AI, nice graphics, lots of options, and lots of downloads. Still, I wanted to do a ‘10,000 download anniversary edition’. Version 1.5 should show up any time in the marketplace. It is harder than before (improved engine, enhanced ‘sudden death’ detection), faster (~10% faster through several […]

  • Checkers v1.1 – very strong AI

    I set up several ‘matches’ between Checkers Pro v1.1 and several other mobile phone Checkers: one for Windows Phone 7, and the four leading iPhone Checker games. In medium/Master difficulty Checkers Pro much beat all the others, except one iPhone game that was very good. When all the games were set to the highest difficulty, […]

  • Checkers Pro v1.1 published!

    A new version of Checkers has been submitted to the Marketplace (Dec 19th), that has some great new capabilities: 1) Much better AI. I improved the evaluation function a little, but most importantly there is new Hash function to store previously evaluated moves. This allows for quicker play (on average 50% of the moves have […]

  • Checkers Pro for Windows and Windows Phone is now available!

    It took several weeks, but finally Checkers Pro has been accepted by the Windows Phone Markeplace. I think this is the *best* Checkers implementation for the phone (well, there is only one other version), but I think it compares quite well with all the existing iPhone Checker games that have been under development for years. […]

  • Liquid Paint, behind the scenes

    A little behind the scenes of what it took to create Liquid Paint. This app was supposed to be very simple, just drawing some groovy images with the finger. Well, it is not that simple. Getting the right formula for the colors took lots of testing. Then came the most difficult part: drawing the circles! […]

  • Advanced board games

    Welcome to our Pro Board Games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. We try to create very high quality, challenging games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Our games include a wide range of games, including: The most advanced Backgammon of any mobile platform!, with achievements and more than 30 options The most beautiful Naval […]

  • Reversi Pro v1.4 is now available

    Took us a bit, but finally finished v1.4!. It has two main new features: Sound. When pegs move, they have sound (black and white are different). And of course you can turn it off. Faster. It varies, but can be from 25% percent faster to 300% faster, depending on the move. I was able to […]