• Checkers Pro 3.6 – bug fixes, see best online players

    Checkers Pro 3.6 is now published. After version 3.5 that had major engine improvements (much faster, fast app switching, etc.), now version 3.6 brings some minor bug fixes and a new feature to see which players complete higher percentage of the games when playing online games. This is important to see which player drops out […]

  • Backgammon 2.0: harder, new options and faster

    Backgammon Pro 2.0 is ready!. This new version has many enhancements to make the game faster and harder. These new features have been included (and tested) due to the key feedback and testing of 3 key players: JPerena, Austria65, and IronCox. Here is a summary of the new features and enhancements: Fast App Switching: you […]

  • New Reversi v2.7 for Windows Phone

    The new Reversi Pro 2.7 is now published, and is a great option for everyone out there with a Windows Phone. This version has fast-app switching, and also plays a bit faster than previous versions. Enjoy!

  • New Reversi 2.5, one year anniversary edition

    It’s been almost a year since publishing the first pro app: Reversi. So in the next few days you should be able to see the new version 2.5, with tons of changes, to provide an even more fun playing experience. The main changes are: Super hard level 8: “Grok”. This is a new level where […]

  • New Backgammon v1.7 released today

    In the past month we’ve added many updates to Backgammon Pro (in versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and the new 1.7), to make it an even better playing experience. This is what you get in the new versions: Tested on WP 7.5 ‘Mango’. The game will work on the new Mango version of Windows Phone, and […]

  • Backgammon 1.2 and 1.3 published

    New versions of Backgammon Pro are now available. They are the result of a lot of work to make Backgammon Pro much more solid, and with several features that users have requested. Key new capabilities: Improved graphics and board designs: 3 new board designs, more professional and appealing, less UI popups showing messages (less distracting), […]

  • Dice Randomness

    Backgammon Pro now available on Windows Store (Windows 8)! HERE Please read all this post in full before sending your comments. If, after reading this post, you still have concerns please use the form in this web site to submit your question to support. *** THE DICE ARE RANDOM, THEY DO NOT FAVOR THE AI, […]

  • Backgammon: How are ratings calculated

    Update!: Try out the new Windows version of Backgammon Pro. Click HERE to try it out! Backgammon Pro uses the official ELO rating formula, that tries to represent, as best as possible, the real strength of a player. Everyone starts with a rating of 1000. When you win a match, your rating goes up. When […]

  • Checkers Pro: how are scores calculated

    If you want to find out more about how Checkers Pro scores are calculated, here are the details. There are three key concepts: 1) The higher the level, the more each game is worth, and also that a win is about 5 times better than a draw. Lowest level is 1 (novice), and highest is […]