Backgammon 2.0: harder, new options and faster

Backgammon Pro 2.0 is ready!.

This new version has many enhancements to make the game faster and harder. These new features have been included (and tested) due to the key feedback and testing of 3 key players: JPerena, Austria65, and IronCox.

Here is a summary of the new features and enhancements:

Fast App Switching: you can exit the app (e.g. take a phone call) and go back to the app instantaneously, or use ‘fast app switching’

Crawford Rule (optional): added the Crawford rule, that is used in multi-point match games, to disable the cube after the leading player reaches 1-point to win the match.

Perfect Bearoff database: replaced the bearoff algorithm, so that during bearoff the phone AI chooses from millions of possible combinations the one that statistically has the least amount of dice throws to full bearoff. This additional strength is only used in Level 4 (hard) so the AI rating in Hard level has increased from 1500 to 1550. This will grant more rating points to the players when winning vs Hard mode.

Much faster and stronger Rollout analysis. In higher levels, every few moves the AI tries to play tens of games to estimate who will win or lose, and based on that make cube or resign decisions. This new version runs the rollout about 4x faster, so it can run from 30 to 200 full games during mid game in 2 seconds (and runs up to 8000 games in 2 seconds in the final stages of the game!). This new version also uses Quasi-Random statistically spread dice distribution to simulate as many different dice combinations as possible.

Auto Resign (optional): this helps the game go faster, as the phone AI resigns when the game is lost (but does not resign if there is any possibility of losing with Gammon or Backgammon).

New Cube Doubling algorithm. The game has two new Cube Doubling algorithms, one for Money Games (single-point games with cube), and another for match games. Both of these algorithms use the Woolsey-Heinrich match equity table as well as the result of the game rollouts (and also use a spice of expected standard deviation based on rollout sample size) to decide when to double or when to accept a double. Due to this stronger play, the AI rating increases by 100 when playing with cube (this gives more points to the players when winning and the cube is being used).

Nicer graphics: better intro screen, nicer tutorial popup, fixed achievements and UI bugs, as well as tried to make the game a bit faster.

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Enjoy! Dev team


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  1. Joel

    When does one become a 8 level?

    I look at top scores, my name is not listed but my score is higher than #5 on the list? Help.

    Thanks for your game, great design.

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