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  • FreeCell for Windows and Windows Phone

    Finally, now FreeCell is now available for Windows and Windows Phone!. Try it out, it has the same features as the other card games: Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, though now supports one of the most popular card games ever. It follows the same game numbering convention as the original Windows FreeCell, so you can play any […]

  • Logos Quiz: now available for Windows and Windows Phone

    So we’ve been quiet for many weeks, working on the next game. Finally Logos Quiz is ready and submitted to the Windows and Windows Phone. You can now try guessing what are more than 600 logos or brands. The concept is simple: you see logos or images every day, but might not notice. In the […]

  • Finally, a new Blog site!

    After 18 months of using the free wordpress site, we’ve moved to a professional hosting site, that allows us to have a more advanced web site, better look and feel, and more control about the content. With the help of my friend Xico Trujano, designer extraordinare, the site is now live, with better graphics that […]

  • NEW Laser Link – the easy but difficult puzzle!

    Tens of thousands of people are already playing Laser Link!. This is the newest Pro Board game that we released a month ago. There are tends of different puzzles, stereo sound, and techno music, and extremely hard puzzles. The concept is simple, take some bases, draw ‘laser’ lines between them, and turn on ‘energy pods’. […]