Reversi Pro V1.1 is now live!

Reversi Pro Version 1.1 is coming: my Reversi score is 1730, what is yours?

I’ve keep playing at night vs other Reversi software I can find, and have two recent experiences to share. First was with the top rated Reversi app for Windows Mobile 6.5 (I purchased it for $2.99). OMG, it was SO bad, what a waste of money. The AI in expert mode (level 5) was so weak that my beginner level could beat it. Then I tried another weird PC software, that had an average looking interface. Another surprise. It beat me hands down in WZebra level 3 (out of 20 levels!!)… after some digging I found out that program was the best player in the planet, beating all human players ever. It can look ahead 1.5 million moves per second, has statistic analysis of more than 100,000 previous human expert matches and many other features. Oh well.

So, without further ado, here are the three major features new in V1.1:

  • Added a Score screen, to keep tab of your best games – How does the score work? By adding up all the best game scores. Each game max 100 points per level (e.g a perfect game, 64-0, in level 2 is worth 200 points). So best theoretical score is 10 games 64-0 in level 7, or 7000 points. My score is 1730… what is yours?
  • Save state when changing apps or taking a call (aka “Tombstoning”). The app now saves the state when the app is put on hold (e.g. when you get a phone call). Very useful. As my tomstoning implementation does not save the history (too complex/memory intensive), the undo button is disabled after returning from the grave.
  • Stronger AI: there were two major changes. 1) I fixed some AI bugs that only showed in few (but important) scenarios: in end game and when someone has to pass. Now the engine recognizes these situations better. 2) Improved the parameters that the game uses. The internal AI engine has values for the different paramenters (mobility, strategic position, safe pegs, and several others), that are different at all the 7 levels. The AI strength varies widely (surprisingly so) when I’ve tried different values. The current values were a ‘best guess’, but I do not feel this is reliable enough. So I ran aprox 80,000 games to understand how the different parameters impacted the strength of the AI when playing vs an opponent. I found out some parameters needed to be tweaked to make it stronger. Now I feel more comfortable that the parameters are more reliable and increase the strenght of the AI opponent — in fact, I can no longer beat it at Master Level. Ever.

And other minor features:

  • Fixed minor issues with the UI, including fixing the About screen display, some text that was wrong in certain cases,and double clicking on Save Settings works well, choosing new settings apply immediately if the game is just beginning, and several other very minor UI changes.
  • Added a “secret debug mode” that activates when clicking certain items in certain order, to show the history and other key variables, in case the game fails

Enjoy and post a good review of the app if you like the game (or let me know what else needs fixing).

I’ve submitted V1.1 to the marketplace (Nov 20), so probably in 2-3 days it should be up in the marketplace.


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  1. Looking forward to v1.1. I’ve been playing Reversi on game consoles since Othello on the Atari 2600. It is hard to find a good Reversi game out there, and it is obvious you put a lot of work into this one. Congrats!

    • Thanks for the comments (and thanks for the positive feedback at the App store). This is why I write code!.

      You’ll enjoy the new v1.1 “scores” capability, where you can track how well you are doing and your best scores (let me know how well you are doing after a week of playing!).

      V 1.1 is now live, you should be receiving the udpate automatically.

      Unfortunatelly, tombstoning support did not make it to v1.1, but v 1.2 is already submitted to the marketplace, and it *does* support tombstoning (in case you get a call in the middle of a game). I assume in 3-4 days it should be live and you’ll get it automatically.

  2. jd

    Awesome program! Well written and I enjoy playing it often. If you create other games I would like to be notified because I am sure it will be great too.

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