Reversi Pro V1.0 features

Features that have made it to Reversi Pro v1.0 for Windows Phone:

  • Multiple play modes: Play vs a friend, play vs the Phone, or Phone vs Phone (learn from the AI – it is cool to see the phone play vs itself)
  • 7 levels of difficulty: novice (very easy, slow animation to teach how the game works) up to impossible (very fast animation, hard AI)
  • Very fast play: in levels 1-6 play is very fast, though in level 7 (“Impossible Level”) it takes several seconds to play
  • The trial mode is 100% functional, with all the capabilities. The only limits are in the difficulty levels available (first 3 only)
  • Unlimited undo: this was a key feature most Reversi users ask for, and here it is, go back and change or fix a bad move
  • Strong computer opponent at higher levels: the AI at levels 6 and 7 uses multiple board scoring strategies, varying during the game, to make it for very challenging games
  • No game is identical: the phone changes strategies every game through random choices when appropriate
  • 3D animation to show board piece movement: the animation is faster as levels go up (in level 6 and 7 it is very fast), but also can be disabled, for example when playing one human vs another. The animation also includes marking with Red the recent move, and moving the arrow that points to the current player.
  • Landscape and portrait modes, to show off your new Windows Phone!

And bugs or features that still need work:

  • No support for ‘tombstoning’ or ‘going back then forward’ to the app — the app restarts
  • Issue with the ‘About’ page, only happening in some phone sets

Lots of fun 🙂


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