February 2012

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  • New Backgammon 2.2 – backup, approve-move, and Beaver rule

    The new Backgammon Pro 2.2 has been submitted to the marketplace, expect it in a few days. It has 4 new capabilities that will hopefully make the game even better. All of the improvements come directly from all your feedback – keep it coming!. In no particular order, the improvements are: Backup. This is a […]

  • Game Algorithms Ramblings (how to make great AI for board games)

    I’ve been thinking about doing this post for many months, so finally it is done!. It is a long posting that talks about the thinking and algorithms that are needed to make the phone play well. All my board games currently equal or beat all iPhone and Windows Phone games in their category. As an […]

  • Dots and Boxes now available for Windows and Windows Phone

    Now available also for Windows Finally, after working on Dots and Boxes/strong> over the Holidays, we are publishing the new Dots and Boxes game (called Dots Free and Dots Pro — only difference is the ads). WINDOWS 8.X AND WINDOWS 10: WINDOWS PHONE: This is an app to play the classic paper and pen game […]