December 2011

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  • Checkers Pro 3.6 – bug fixes, see best online players

    Checkers Pro 3.6 is now published. After version 3.5 that had major engine improvements (much faster, fast app switching, etc.), now version 3.6 brings some minor bug fixes and a new feature to see which players complete higher percentage of the games when playing online games. This is important to see which player drops out […]

  • Backgammon 2.0: harder, new options and faster

    Backgammon Pro 2.0 is ready!. This new version has many enhancements to make the game faster and harder. These new features have been included (and tested) due to the key feedback and testing of 3 key players: JPerena, Austria65, and IronCox. Here is a summary of the new features and enhancements: Fast App Switching: you […]