June 2011

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  • Checkers Pro: how are scores calculated

    If you want to find out more about how Checkers Pro scores are calculated, here are the details. There are three key concepts: 1) The higher the level, the more each game is worth, and also that a win is about 5 times better than a draw. Lowest level is 1 (novice), and highest is […]

  • Checkers Pro 3.2: Faster online game, harder AI, nicer Game Lobby, random start

    We hope everyone is enjoying the Checkers Pro. I made many (many!) small fixes to version 3.2, all to make it more solid, improve the user interface, tweak fonts, and improve reliability. There are five major changes: Faster online gameplay: sending and receiving moves should be 2x faster, so online gaming is more enjoyable Improved […]