March 2011

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  • Web hosting down – 2 days later, it is up now

    Today at 10am US Pacific time the hosting company that stores the central game and high scores database is having problems, so no one is being able to connect to the games and high scores. Hope they fix this soon!. Update: the hosting is up. It took them 2+ days to fix the problem. There […]

  • Checkers Pro 2.5 – new online gaming!

    Checkers pro 2.5 is out now, with a key new feature: Online Gaming, as well as other couple of important improvements: – Online gaming, so you can play with gamers from all over the world. Right now it is in ‘experimental’ (beta) stage, so please submit bugs to the support forum. I am sure it […]

  • Checkers Pro 2.0 is here!

    This is an exciting day, finally Reversi Pro 2.0 made it to the marketplace. There are very significant changes in this new version: Worldwide online high scores – compare your score to scores from players all over the world. Set up your name and country to let people know where you are from. Sort by […]