February 2011

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  • Reversi Pro – how are Scores calculated

    How are Reversi Pro scores calculated? Why does someone get 3247, and another person 1356? I’ve been asked this questions many times, so here is the ‘inside scoop’. The score is calculating adding a value for each of the best 10 games (shown in ‘My High Score’ screen). Each game is worth a base amount, […]

  • Reversi Pro 2.0 is here!

    This is an exciting day, finally Reversi Pro 2.0 made it to the marketplace. There are very significant changes in this new version: Worldwide online high scores – compare your score to scores from players all over the world. Set up your name and country to let people know where you are from. Sort by […]

  • Reversi Pro v1.7

    Minor update to address some UI fixes, and some minor engine bugs. I did make several improvements to the engine, including self modifying look ahead depth (in Master level and above), advanced edge pattern algorithms, and minor tweaks to the evaluation algorithms. It is *very* hard now to beat the higher levels. I tried playing […]