November 2010

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  • Reversi Pro V1.1 is now live!

    Reversi Pro Version 1.1 is coming: my Reversi score is 1730, what is yours? I’ve keep playing at night vs other Reversi software I can find, and have two recent experiences to share. First was with the top rated Reversi app for Windows Mobile 6.5 (I purchased it for $2.99). OMG, it was SO bad, […]

  • It is live!!!

    Yes, the Reversi Pro app is now live. Try it out, through this link (for Internet Explorer only), or look for “Reversi Pro” in the Zune Marketplace. Seems the Trial and the Paid version modes work well. The bug in the “about” page still is there, will be fixed in V1.1

  • Reversi Pro V1.0 features

    Features that have made it to Reversi Pro v1.0 for Windows Phone: Multiple play modes: Play vs a friend, play vs the Phone, or Phone vs Phone (learn from the AI – it is cool to see the phone play vs itself) 7 levels of difficulty: novice (very easy, slow animation to teach how the […]

  • The road to the app

    I like coding. I like Reversi. I like to have Reversi on the go. I like to play vs a challenging opponent, in my phone. So here started the journey to create a professional Reversi application for Windows Phone 7: “Reversi Pro”. First and foremost, I wanted a rock solid game, that did not crash, […]