Reversi Pro – how are Scores calculated

How are Reversi Pro scores calculated?

Why does someone get 3247, and another person 1356?

I’ve been asked this questions many times, so here is the ‘inside scoop’. The score is calculating adding a value for each of the best 10 games (shown in ‘My High Score’ screen). Each game is worth a base amount, plus 1-100 depending on the pegs you won with. So, for every win, you get:

From 1 to 100 points for a win in level Novice
101-200 points for a win in level Beginner
201-300 points for a win in level Intermediate
301-400 points for a win in level Advanced
401-500 points for a win in level Master
501-600 points for a win in level Grand Master
601-700 points for a win in level Impossible

The exact value you get in that 100 point range depends on the point difference at the end of each game. In Reversi, the maximum possible game score is (64-0), and the minimum win is one point difference (e.g. 31-30). So the score difference is between 1 and 64, and that is converted to a 100 point range.

What is the maximum score?

if you win 10 games, in level Impossible, all of them 64-0, the maximum score you’d be able to get is 700 * 10 = 7000.

What is the minimum score?

if you win one game, in Novice level, by only one point (e.g. 32 black vs 31 white), then you have a score of ~2.

One last example, if I win 5 games in Master level, each of them by 32 points, then I have 2000 base points (400 points per game), plus the pegs won (32 pegs each game, worth 50% of the maximum 100, so 50 points each).
So total is (400*5) + (50 *5) = 2250 points.

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